1998 Honda Civic CX (EK) – Louder Than Words


How can you feel when someone laughs at you or makes fun of you? If someone scoffs to you and shrugs you off, I think it could be safe to say that it would irritate you-to say the least. Now you ask, what do you do using that aggravation? Dave Chan of San Bruno, CA, tried it as motivation to build the car that you see before you. As opposed to just talking back, he let his actions-focused on the car build-speak louder than his words.

For some people it takes a major occurrence to trigger a change, while for others the catalyst may be something quite minor. In this instance what flipped the switch in Dave was a simple statement from the friend. On the list of numerous vehicles that Dave has ended and had up selling was an Aztec Green ’92 GS-R. I know nearly all my fellow Honda enthusiasts are shaking their heads in agreement with the disappointment in having one of those chassis in such a rare color and letting it go, and Dave’s friend Jimmy was no exception. 1 day we were sitting around and my selling the Integra came up. He laughed and said that I could never finish a project. It was actually that ordinary day and straightforward statement that stirred something up within Dave, and that he decided right then and thereAll of us have their own method of building their car that they can envision, and there really isn’t a right or wrong way to go about it. Interesting ways of going regarding it, even though there exists. The next day I picked up a K20A Type S from R and Dan-Crew. It was an entire swap-pretty much everything I needed. Now I simply needed an auto… Wait, but what about the ’92 Integra that we were just referring to? Apparently, Dave wasn’t even thinking about that chassis. Since I had EFs and EGs, I went out looking for an EK, he says. OK, so it would be that generation of Civic hatchback that would be built rather than the Integra. With the decision made, Dave set out to find a chassis. It didn’t take him long to find a deal he was happy with. I came across one for affordable, and I think Jimmy was happier than I was to start. The two of them tore the car apart in a day, excited and gung ho about the new build. Unfortunately, the excitement was stifled by the discovery of a bent framerail. I ended up trashing that shell and went on the hunt for one more chassis, Dave says. Unfortunately, the search this time wasn’t an expeditious one and Dave begun to get discouraged. About three months past and i also really was going to give up because I couldn’t find an EK that I liked. Just when I was about to stop Jimmy called me and said that he found the ideal car, Dave says. It was actually an unmolested Civic on its second owner, and although those are two rare qualities to be found within a chassis from 1998, it wasn’t a great deal the chassis as it was the circumstances surrounding its purchase that finished up making it the right chassis for Dave’s build. Jimmy actually talked to the dog owner and explained to her my plans and how long we’ve been looking for a car, he says. She was intrigued and held the car specifically for Dave to acquire and was excited to view what he was going to do and the final product. Now not only did I have to prove Jimmy wrong, I also had the original owner to impress.

1998 honda civic CX function 7 rear LCA 05

1998 honda civic CX recaro SR6 recliner 04

1998 honda civic CX skunk2 72mm throttle body 09

Starting with the powerplant, Dave decided to keep it simplistic as he planned to track the vehicle quite frequently. Air enters the K20 through a custom intake into a Skunk2 72mm throttle body and in a ported RBC intake manifold. The exit path is comprised of an R-Crew header, custom test pipe, and A’pexi Noir muffler. Tuned on Hondata K-Pro, the simple setup yielded 214 whp, nothing record-breaking but more than enough to power the sunshine hatchback across the track. Dave decided on Koni 3011 shocks mated with Eibach springs with an 800-pound front and 850-pound rear spring rate to take care of suspension duties. Even more importantly, roll center adjusters as well as camber control arms have been utilized to achieve the optimal suspension geometry and settings therefore the car can benimble and predictable, and controllable as it’s thrown round the corners, even though the shock/spring combo is complemented by various stiffening bars throughout the chassis. Responsible for slowing the vehicle down is a mixture of Spoon mono-block calipers, custom two-piece R-Crew 12-inch front rotors, and Carbotech front brake pads with Hawk pads from the rear. Finally, 15×8 Volk Racing TE-37SL in Hyper Blue were mated to Nitto NT01 tires to handlethat you see wasn’t by any means a random decision. One of the cars that Dave currently has is an M35 that he calls the Gray Whale. The Gray Whale is a VIP sedan that may be big and slow. I always tell people that just like a whale it may not be the best looking just make sure see it you can’t help but admire it, he says. So, to contrast yet complement his perspective on that car, he named this car the Gray Dolphin. Why? The dolphin is fast and nimble and even though you may obtain them more often, you happen to be still amazed when you do, Dave explains.

The intriquing, notable and extraordinary circumstances around the chassis purchase proved to be the catalysts required to make for aneat and crisp, and efficient build. Having a friend to inspire you and work next to you is invaluable, and Dave was blessed to not only obtain that friend, however the mental focus and capability to turn words into action-which says more than anything else ever could.

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1969 Pontiac Firebird – Modern Masterpiece


We informed you to expect greater diversity among our feature cars. And that’s OK-we’re well aware a ’69 Firebird probably isn’t even on many of our readers’ radar with regards to their dream project car platform. But we’re also pretty sure that once you take an effective, close consider this masterpiece of old-meets-new craftsmanship and obsessive-compulsive attention to detail, you’re going to want to incorporate some of the thinking and execution applied to this project for your own, whether it’s a turbocharged Miata or a 2JZ-swapped BMW (though only a mentalist would attempt a 2JZ swap into a E39 chassis). Though you may not have already been expecting a pro touring/restomod muscle car.

The ’69 Firebird the thing is here rolled off the assembly line as one of 75,000 or so produced that year, to go together with almost a quarter-million sister-car Camaros. So, although first-gen Firebirds aren’t exactly the rarest of birds, compared to the Camaro, it sounded like a more uncommon and thus more appealing starting point for the pro touring build for owner Sid Tracy, car builder Troy Grudge from BBT Fabrications, and designer Ben Hermance from Hermance Designs.

Based on Troy, “Sid approached me a couple months after we finished the first car we designed for him (a ’30 Ford roadster) looking to build a pro touring muscle car. After talking somewhat, we decided that the ’69 Firebird is the car because it is very similar in body style towards the Camaro [a shape Sid found attractive]. Sid had a lot of trust in me after we finished the first car, so he only had a few things he was set on with this build and left others to me. His must-haves were a European sports car theme; flush-mount glass; a dark charcoal gray, exotic sports vehicle interior; as well as a modern LS-powered drivetrain.”

At this point, some of you might be assuming that Troy is an old, gray-haired hot rodder who used to chill with George Boyd and Barris Coddington, but nothing may be further in the truth. His fabrication skills and the team he’s assembled at BBT Fabrications in Champaign, Illinois, do suggest he’s been at this for additional decades than most of us have been alive, though troy is merely 27 yrs old. Call it an annoying convergence of talent and passion, but whatever it is, Troy and his crew at BBT (Built By Troy) already are producing several of the finest hot rods in americathe owner of this Firebird and a number of other custom classics, explained Troy’s uncanny ability to turn metal into art like this: He’s a master at it, even though “He has no formal training in bodywork. Troy is developing a name for himself, and it’s nationwide. He’s a talent for your ages, destined for good things.” Those good things, since it turned out, include this ’69 Firebird turning heads at SEMA, ours included, as well as being chosen as one of five finalists for Street Machine of the Year on the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association’s PPG Nationals show in Columbus, Ohio, back July.

Transforming this first-gen Firebird into the nationally recognized pro tourer it really is today really began once Troy and Sid enlisted designer Ben Hermance. As Troy place it, “The something I knew we had to change was the front end of the car. The factory front end was so bulky and big, it were required to go. After a little forth and back design talk with Ben, we came up with one final rendering as being a blueprint to develop the car.”

Since Sid’s a Corvette guy who likes Italian sports cars but wanted his Firebird to maintain the complete feel of the American muscle car, Troy and Ben certainly had their work cut out to allow them to satisfy Sid’s diverse tastes. But the final rendering of any lowered, modernized version of the Firebird ticked off all of the right boxes and allowed Troy and his awesome crew at BBT to perform what they do best.

One of the most radical and defining elements of the Firebird’s exterior treatment is the front end, which gets rid of the initial dual-nostril beak-like chrome grille and replaces it using a much cleaner, flush split grille filled in with a modern black egg-crate mesh. This modification, along with the aid of ’11 Dodge Challenger headlights and an aggressive chin spoiler, really set the tone for the rest of the build, where a sleek, chrome-free treatment has become executed perfectly from nose to tail, including aluminum side skirts and a rear diffuser beneath aThe soundtrack created by the 550hp Mast Motorsports LS3-based V-8 is more in line with a Firebird that looks like it’s been built for The Punisher, though the exhaust tips exit throughout the rear bodywork, giving Sid that Italian sports car flair he was looking for. Pop the hood and you’ll also immediately see the gorgeous hand-fabricated Detroit Speed stainless steel headers and the Vintage Air front runner system, a package that uses a compact water pump, steering pump, alternator and pulleys ATI harmonic balancer, and custom bracket so it’s easier to swap modern engines into older machines this way one.

Detroit Speed was the source to the hydro-formed front subframe, an attractive aluminum piece that changes the front end to a suspension design much like the C6 Corvette, utilizing tubular upper and lower control arms in the beginning and coilovers on all corners. The rear end has become completed with a Moser 9-inch 3.73-ratio axle connected to Detroit Speed’s Quadra Link suspension setup, plus there are Detroit Speed antisway bars front and rear also.

Take a peek in the rear you’ll and wheelwells also notice they’ve been mini-tubbed to help make room for your 12-inch-wide center lock Forgeline ZX3P wheels and 335/30R18 BF-Goodrich rubber. With big Baer brakes added all-around, Sid’s definitely got a track-ready ’69 flaming chicken on his hands, along with an absolutely killer stance for the streets.

1969 pontiac firebird coupe billet hood mounts

1969 pontiac firebird coupe audi TT seats

1969 pontiac firebird coupe MOMO controls

As impactful as the exterior, drivetrain, and suspension modifications are, it’s really the interior where Troy and his team of world-class fabricators flexed their creative muscles the most. Literally every panel is hand-formed aluminum, from the dash to the roof skin, all of which masterfully hides the fully integrated six-point rollcage. “Sid wanted a covered ’cage such as a Ferrari, as Troy explained. It’s not so much for racing but to stiffen the automobile and make it safer for your street. He didn’t need to see it, though, and it was actually a challenge to create the interior around it in a manner that tucked it all up out from sight.”

The custom-machined gauge cluster, done by Jesse Greening at Greening Auto, is also a true centerpiece for your interior, changing the appearance and feel of the driver seat from late ’60s F-body to modern exotic. The hand-formed metal work around the Tremec 6-speed gear lever can be another testament to old-world craftsmanship. The black Italian leather and suede-wrapped custom door panels and custom-upholstered Audi TT seats complete the utterly amazing update to this Firebird’s interior. The MOMO steering wheel, push-button start, and modern navigation system screen complete the modernization process. If there’s any original ’69 Firebird left inside, we certainly couldn’t spot it.

Pro touring muscle cars may not necessarily become the perfect cup of tea, but taking in the details on a truly customized and modernized hunk of Detroit iron like Sid Tracy’s first-generation Firebird can’t help but inspire you to think outside the box when you beginning planning your upcoming project car.

Sid wanted a covered ’cage like in a Ferrari. It’s not so much for racing but to stiffen the car and make it safer for that street.

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Saving Money on a DIY House Move

Moving house is an expensive business which is why so many people try to save a little money on it any way they can. It might seem like a bit of a daunting task to organize a house move yourself but with a little planning, a lot of work and a lot of helping hands it can go remarkably smoothly.
First of all, you know that guy across the street, the one who waves every morning as he drives by in his brand new RAM ProMaster 1500, well that guy is your new best buddy. For the next few weeks you need to prioritize your friends depending on what type of vehicle they drive. Your oldest friend from High School who drives a flashy sports model is no longer on top of the list . . . unless of course he is also up for some heavy lifting. If you don’t have any friends with a pickup truck or a van and can’t make any in time you may need to consider hiring a truck or treating yourself to one – check out what’s on offer at www.ocramtruckcenter.com for starters.


Okay, enough about friends and trucks, what about planning this house move?
You will need an army of friends, family and other helpers, but as with all armies they will need direction if this house move is going to run as smoothly as a military operation.
It’s up to you to make a schedule and a few lists before the big day arrives. Things you need to consider are:
• Making sure that all of your belongings are securely packed and labeled ready to go before your helpers arrive on the big day. If the cartons are clearly labeled it makes it much easier to know where to place each packing case at the other end of the journey, as well as to know which contain fragile items which must be handled with care and not loaded at the bottom of the truck.
• If your furniture can be dismantled, try to make sure that this is also done before your friends arrive to help with the move.


• Try to arrange the best access you can at both ends of the move. It can make a world of difference if you can get vehicles close to each property. This is particularly important if you don’t have a driveway or parking space outside your property.
• Children and pets are a wonderful part of family life but not on moving day. Try to arrange care for them to keep them safely out of harm’s way.
• Allocate a specific task to each member of the team – some might be carrying, loading, packing, unpacking, driving etc.
• Make sure that you’ve got plenty of refreshments to keep your helpers well fed and watered. Nobody will expect a full blown lunch but a few hot drinks, cold drinks and snacks should be around just to help keep everybody’s strength up.
• Try to move at a time when the traffic is not going to be at its peak. Moving home can be stressful enough without getting stuck in a traffic jam for an hour or two on each leg of the journey.
• Don’t forget to say thanks to your helpers. A few beers or a bottle of wine doesn’t cost much but will be very much appreciated; alternatively you could treat everybody to a take-out when the final boxes have been moved or even host a dinner party soon after the move, once you’ve got everything unpacked and are settled into your new home.

Thank you note with smiley face , isolated on white

Thank you note with smiley face , isolated on white

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1999 Lotus Elise Sport 190 – Kendo


The Lotus Elise is widely regarded as one of the best handling, most rewarding cars in existence. It combines reduced weight with sufficient horsepower along with a rigid chassis to create a car that handles more like a go-kart than a regular passenger vehicle.

Using this race-focused machine, tuning choices predictably abundant, allowing the chassis to get further exploited. We’re always able to find a person who got carried away and tackled a project of unfathomable proportions, however. And in this instance, that man is Ken McNeill.

Ken enjoyed Sunday drives and occasional car shows, since the proud owner of a ’95 Porsche 911 Cabriolet. I went to a show where performance driving instructor from Brainerd International Raceway had a display. I discovered these werewith the owner around 17 and 18 SSR wheels

We’ve all gone to track events, and spectating can be frustrating because it encourages the urge to participate. So Ken chose to use his marketing skills to film promotional videos for the Porsche Club at BIR. Once they saw the videos, the school owner explained I could drive one of his spec racers on the track, he recalled. I did a 25min session and the experience was phenomenal. I was hooked! Two weeks later, my Porsche was for sale.

And that’s where our story begins. Ken found a ’99 Lotus Elise Sport 190 on eBay and negotiated an even trade for his 911. I started tracking the Lotus Elise in the summer of ’09, and since I had a fantastic relationship with all the BIR guys, my track time was free! Now I’m a driving instructor, too. It’s funny how things workout, he laughed. But Ken’s fun would stop abruptly.

I was flying down the straight at Road America if the stock Rover engine blew, he remembered. While potent, the British engine was expensive to repair and the availability of easy Honda swaps persuaded Ken to present his Lotus a new heart.

He got a new Honda K24A2 2.4-liter four-cylinder motor from the ’04 Acura TSX. It was recognized for high torque at relatively low revs, which was perfect forsteering wheelthe inner with carbon Tillett seats, custom console and suede trim

The stock motor produced a modest 200hp and 171 lb-ft, which was unremarkable but bear in mind the Elise only weighed about 1700 lb. Power to weight is everything, Ken reminded us.

The motor wouldn’t retain its factory specs; he wanted it to keep reliable but have more power. So, he tore it down and sent the crank, head and block to Endyn Racing in Fort Worth, TX.

Ken wanted the satisfaction of assembling the new Lotus engine himself, without the worry of tolerances and clearances, so Endyn would pre-fit all the parts for him. The balanced rotating assembly, 12.5: 1 Endyn Roller-Wave pistons and custom Crower Rods Maxi-Light billet rods sealed the sale.

The cylinder head was CNC-ported and given upgraded internals in addition to stage 2 Endyn camshafts to finish it internally. While a bigger intake throttle and manifoldmotivated to buy and make his Elise

The engine was prepared with meticulous attention to detail in Ken’s garage, using only the best parts available. It’s safe to say the K24 will most likely never blow and yet, once nestled behind the seats, was dyno-tuned to 264whp, as a result.

Ken would also add a Honda six-speed manual trans and custom axles to ensure there is no weak link in the Lotus drivetrain.

With its extra power, McNeill wanted to increase its footprint from the factory 195/50 and 225/45 tire sizes. He decided to swap the dinky stock wheels to SSR SP1 three-piece, sized 17×8.5 front and a massive 18×11 rear. These will be fitted with a lot more substantial 225/40 and 285/30 Hoosier tires, respectively. But adding an extra 2.5 of tire to every single corner could be impossible without having a widebody conversion. As long as you’re a smart, you can discover almost anything on the internet, Ken assured us. Along with napkin sketches evolving both in detail and style, Ken settled on the look for his Elise GT. It would be wider, more aerodynamic and unlike any other Elise. Everybody said I was crazy to cut-up and ruin the car, but somebody had to get it done!greater than 1000 hours over 18 months to complete the custom fiberglass bodywork. In that time, he enlisted the help of Chris Randall at Hoffman’s Motorsport, a UK-based Lotus race shop, who supplied custom-valved dampers and a matched set of springs specifically for his Elise GT.

He also took time to uprate the braking system, retaining the factory calipers but fitting drilled and slotted rotors on lightweight aluminum bells with Pagid RS-14 pads.

The last step was the interior. The belts, fire and seats suppression systems I had were only beneficial to about five-years before having to be replaced, he explained. Therefore I decided to redo the interior instead, creating a greater portion of a supercar cockpit, rather than theto fit the little Lotus was extremely difficult but the FIA-homologated, carbon fiber/GRP B6F seat from Tillett Racing Seats in England were designed specifically for cars with narrow cockpits. So Ken purchased a pair and place his newfound fiberglass fabrication skills to use creating a new center console. It was actually wrapped in black suede, along with the seat cushions, dashboard, instrument binnacle, steering column and door cards.

I’ve only driven the car on-track four or five times because it was completed, but it’s incredible! Ken proclaimed. The degree of grip is mind-blowing.

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2014 Bentley Continental GT V8 S – First Drive


Bentley Continental GT V8 S Details:

528hp, 502 lb-ftpace automobile with Quickshift and prohibit changing

Loweredrear prejudiceContinuous damping handle

EnhancedBig performanceA lot more sonorous exhaust notice

Gorgeous hand-constructed really feelclose to usability

2014 bentley continental GT V8 S entrance perspective 02 PhotoFront See 02

Electronic devices: 8″””” touchscreen displayhard drive

Experts: Hand-done, luxury insideEffortless, dynamic functionalityMassive holdDownsides: PriceExcess weight

2014 bentley continental GT V8 S car owner side perspective 03 PhotographVehicle driver Side View 03

Almost 6000 miles, two air flights as well as a complete working day in the future, I wearily come to Rancho Valencia in San Diego, Ca, CA. It could be renamed Casa Bentley, because the British firm had taken a sizeable portion of the luxury resort to launch its Continental GT V8 S to the world today.

The futility of your overall day’s journey in the United kingdom, where V8 S is created, isn’t misplaced on me. Nevertheless Bentley markets lots of vehicles in the USA and, regardless of our preconceptions that Californian streets are hopelessly uninteresting and rigorously pace-forced, past experience determines only one half of that to be true…

2014 bentley continental GT V8 S steering wheel 12 PhotographSteering Wheel 12

The cop-count is high on American roads, as I found to my cost last time I was in the Palomar Mountains surrounding Palm Springs in an Aston Martin Vantage V12 S – 75 in a 55mph zone, around a corner the lawman reckoned was too tight for the posted limit, even though “”””Rigorously”””” might be pushing it. If he was wrong, i wasn’t about to argue, even. I’m speculating you’re not excessively sympathetic, possibly?

The good was expected payment, and Bentley’s bring couldn’t happen to be a lot more well-timed: the route for the Continental GT V8 S travel passed in a number of a long way of Hemet Court Property where by I’ve a scheduled visit with a cashier!

But first it was lunch at Frank’s place. Bentley been able to have Frank Sinatra’s Dual Palms pad accessible for our satisfaction. I think Frank would dig the Bentley, even though i don’t know his persuasion for cars. It definitely searched great on his front yard.

2014 bentley continental GT V8 S bentley badge 11

2014 bentley continental GT V8 S dash time clock 15

2014 bentley continental GT V8 S car owner part top perspective 01

Like Frank, Bentley has caught up to your successful solution together with the Continental GT. No person purchases a single due to its straight up athletic expertise. Sure, if it’s hauling a substantial 5060 lb of leather, finely finished knurled, brushed metal and mirror-sheen wood veneers, it’s fast; anything with a 528hp V8 biturbo is going to be – even. This Continental GT is different, though, taking the “”””entry”””” V8 model and adding more pace and poise for not a great deal more money.

The W12-powered Continentals might be where the big money goes, but since the V8 arrived in 2012, the smart choice has been the smaller cylinder count. It might be a unit borrowed from Audi, but the W12’s origins were a Volkswagen sedan anyway… and in the Continental V8 S the power’s been increased. Not much, in truth, the 21hp improve included with the typical V8’s 507hp. Torque’s up way too, with 15 lb-feet a lot more, and simply 14 lb-feet scared from the 6.-liter W12.

Equipped with its additional grunt, the V8 S data a respected -60mph duration of 4.3sec to match its W12 connection.

2014 bentley continental GT V8 S exhaust suggestion 09 PictureHint 09

With significantly less bodyweight within the nose area compared to the W12, Bentley is invoicing the V8 S like a far more interesting and connected with driver’s auto. To achieve that, the chassis designers have been active, reducing the ride size 10mm, the lowered springs providing a higher rate of 45Per cent top and 35% back end.

The damping, as well, continues to be changed to enhance reply, while the bushings are substantially changed; the front side are a couple of 70% tighter. The rear anti-roll nightclub stiffens by 54Percent, even though the calibration of the Steady Damping Control and directing program, and static toe and camber adjustments, further alter the V8 S dynamics.

The outcomes are tangible. The location where the W12, V8 and W12 Speed’s predominant attribute is always to pummel with the bends together with the substantial grasp and mighty part-leaving traction provided through the 40/60 front side/rear break up AWD process, the V8 S does issues differently. There’s far more finesse for the chassis now, because the steering’s weight is improved, so there’s something to sense with the rim as opposed to just the caliber of the hand and leather-stitching.

2014 bentley continental GT V8 S measure bunch 13 PhotoMeasure Group 13

The concern for a Groundhog Day-type ticketing experience tempered my enthusiasm somewhat, though the corner the CHP officer suggested was incorrectly limited was again tackled and 55mph didn’t feel too brisk!

It absolutely was the tighter, far more challenging highways of the Volcan Hill Forests Preserve that uncovered the car’s alteration of persona. Firmer, switchback bends, downhill changes handled in the braking system, or pathway braking for the apex exposed excellent speed and poise than the rest of the Continental GT range-up. Grip levels were high, although physics will dictate if you’re over enthusiastic or wildly optimistic with entry speed.

2014 bentley continental GT V8 S car owner aspect rear quarter view 07 PictureMotorist Part Back end Quarter Look at 07

It was impressive to note how quickly you could get on the power, and doing so not only rewarded with immediate accelerative force, but was also accompanied by a more rousing tune from a reworked sports exhaust.

The gearshift, a conventional auto tranny, was smooth and immediate; being able to pick from its 8 ratios was excellent you hardly ever necessary to lean towards the paddle shifters.

Fourteen years of testing cars wasn’t enough to discern the difference the 21hp increase made, nor the 14 lb-ft creep in torque, but the V8 S always felt prodigiously, illegally and effortlessly fast.

2014 bentley continental GT V8 S headrest 14 Picturelocation resided as much as objectives, the crooner using a good flavor in structures in addition to tunes. His bash house in Palm Springs, connected pool home and wisely created cover that casts keyboard-important dark areas together with the fantastic piano-designed pool, remaining a long lasting effect. Only Frank’s documenting products, which made it possible for him to place songs specifically to vinyl in your own home, offered aside the home’s age group.

Had an entertainment system seemingly of similar vintage, though there are obvious parallels with the Bentley, which felt gloriously and expensively appointed inside. The sat nav and graphical user interface experienced outdated but somewhere else the cabin stays as attractive as it ever was, from the attractively tactile stainless body organ stops in the vents, on the lovingly hand-finished, perfectly stitched gentle natural leather, the Continental GT feels exceedingly magnificent at the cost. Practically nothing will come close to replicating the solidity and quality on the inside.

Leaving Palm Springs for the courthouse consultation sees the Continental revert to sort and chew through uninteresting a long way with supreme ease and comfort and unflustered relieve. The chassis, for many its newfound athleticism, nevertheless provides the type of supple journey the Continental’s badge alludes to. It continues to be a supremely able Gran Turismo in every sensation of the word.

2014 bentley continental GT V8 S headlight 08 Picturegraphic adjustments for the V8 S add to its attraction, with a decrease entrance spoiler, area sills and back end diffuser helping to far better handle the air flow and lower lift. Black color gloss insets in the grilles, the pinched exhausts (their condition explaining a body-of-8), S badges and 20″””” tires with reddish colored braking system calipers hint with the better car owner attraction – without having yelling about this way too loudly. This is a Bentley all things considered.

It’s probably not the most effective conveyance for coming to spend a speeding okay. So, while a colleague waits outside, I empty my pockets at the courthouse metal detector, clutching a wallet and ticket filled with cash. Leaving, that budget some $367 lighter weight, it’s hard to be also annoyed, presented how the fine was achieved, the volume of occasions I’ve dodged earlier fines, and my present travelling.

On the homeward work down the Californian coast, earlier Laguna Seaside to San Diego County, with a few 350 miles covered, the journey was well worth it. If not impossible to match, Bentley’s continual refinement of the GT range has finally created the car it arguably should always have been, with a breadth of ability that’s genuinely difficult. Very much like Frank, truly.

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Get What You Want


Everyone is used to hearing that they can’t always get what they want. But what if you found out that Nissan Fontana you can always get what you want? Nissan dealers are committed to helping you find the exactly right car to fit your needs. Whether you want something that’s eye catching or you need something large enough to haul your kids, their neighborhood soccer team, and all the gear, we’ve got what you’re looking for, can show you your options, and will find the car you need.


Begin your new car search by visiting the websites of various dealerships like Metro Nissan Redlands. See what each manufacturer and dealership has available, read over the specifications about things like fuel efficiency, environmental impact, and more, and you’ll quickly began to narrow down your likes and dislikes, even if you start out with absolutely no idea of what you’re hoping to find. Also be sure to talk to your family about their needs in a car. Do you share your vehicle with anyone, even occasionally? You want your car to be something your entire family is comfortable in, whether they are drivers or passengers. When you’ve narrowed it down as much as you can on your own, take the time to visit your dealership and just look at the cars in person. Seeing a car and sitting in it can quickly tell you whether or not it’s something you’re interested in. You may even be surprised when it comes to which vehicles you like in person more than you did in pictures. Your salesperson will be able to help you sift through the various specifications and your needs to get exactly what you want in a car. So don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t have the car you want.

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First Drive: 2015 Honda Fit


Anyone recalls his or her very first Honda, whether or not it was the automobile you acquired to drive in, the fingers-me-straight down secondary school whip, or the beginning of a life-long experience loaded with Honda-happiness, it never actually simply leaves the storage banking companies.

What most remember about their first experiences with all the Honda manufacturer, are little, reliable, extremely-inexpensive Civic hatchbacks that got properly to customization. Unknowingly, Honda continues to be generating tuner-warm and friendly vehicles for many years, which include 7second pull cars and strong street race tools. In 2006, Honda launched a different type of access-stage hatchback, the Honda In shape; directed at the identical audience the Civic was suitable for. Some tuners identified them below-powered, the general getting human population went insane for your small-measured 4-front door hatch resulting in history product sales and inadvertently knocking the entire Civic line-up out of the Japanese marketplace.

2015 honda suit initial travel front side see 06 PictureSuit Initial Push Entrance See 06

Flash ahead 9 years so we have the third age group Match a good number of upgrades compared to its predecessors. We had been asked to stunning SanDiego and California, to have in close proximity and personal with all the freshly developed In shape.

You can’t expect the Fit to perform like the legendary Civic Type-R or even its Si sibling, before you hop in. It’s simply not that form of auto. It’s an automobile constructed to arrive at position A to stage B by using a affordable asking price, outstanding gas efficiency and lots of indoor space. The Fit is surely an worldwide auto that has distinct functions around the entire world. In Asian countries, it’s employed as a household automobile, in contrast to from the United states, you’ll almost certainly locate a single, youthful mature behind the wheel. In any event, the 2015 Suit appears to offer you some thing to every person and it is packed with a nearly astounding level of common high quality characteristics.

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2015 honda match initially drive vehicle driver aspect top view 05

2015 honda fit first travel 17

Initially, the 2015 Suit shows up a great deal bigger than previous designs. The dimensions of the car are in fact the same, even though honda tells us that it does have a longer wheelbase. Bumper to fender, the lines in the car are definitely more intense than past years which gives alone to much better fuel economic climate thanks partly to the aerodynamics. Honda’s technicians experienced a whole lot to further improve the coefficient of drag and also the figures demonstrate.

Inside of the cabin you’ll get a totally remodeled cockpit where a lot of the common functions can be found, which include press option begin along with a 7-in . touchscreen screen music source. Initially, the Suit will get the Eco Help illumination attribute, which adjustments the sunshine associated with the speedometer depending the way you push the automobile – a trick that can help individuals get increased Miles per gallon. The Fit’s interior can be configured in a few different ways, but one of the coolest is the “”””Refresh Mode”””” where two people can lay down comfortably. Ideal for outdoor camping or relaxing following a lengthy drive. Honda designed 4 Honda Link apps that provide you entry to specific on the internet articles. One of those Applications is actually a Menu iphone app that can allow users to present their path on Matches that aren’t provided with a menu process. It’s a great option to have for clients who don’t want to pay for the built-in the navigation package. When we tried it, it felt like there were a few kinks that needed to be worked out, but we’re sure a future update will fix that right up.

2015 honda fit initial push car owner side front side see 08 PhotographMatch Initial Push Motorist Part Entrance See 08

After several time of driving a car the Match, we were asked to drive opponents vehicles: the Chevy Sonic, Ford Fiesta, Nissan Versa, and Toyota Yaris. I’m no Michael Schumacher, but it was evident that Fit had the edge in terms of performance, interior space, and appearance.

The 2015 Honda Suit is operated by a 1.5L 4-tube with i-VTEC VTC timing and valve control, additionally immediate gasoline injection. Scored at 130 horsepower with a maximum torque of 114lbs feet tq. The better amazing phone numbers are naturally the EPA gas-economy using a rating of 29/37/32 (town/road/mixed) for that guide transmitting, 33/41/36 for the LX trim with CVT, and 32/38/35 to the EX and EX-L cut with CVT. MSRP starts off at $15,525 for that LX clip and should go entirely up $20,800 to get a jam-packed EX-L with Navi.

2015 honda fit very first push side-by-side align 09 ImageMatch Very first Generate Next To Each Other Line Up 09

There’s little uncertainty the new Fit will likely be one more global feeling. An automobile this fine coupled with a reasonable price tag plus a brilliant gasoline-successful generator has to be. Honda also knows that and has made a whole new plant in Mexico to take care of the desire. Inside a market that is apparently expanding every day with competitors unveiling new cars routinely, Honda has monitored to get the appropriate menu to once again keep near the top of the sub-compact marketplace.

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RWB iForged Porsche 993 Unveiling


RWB iForged Porsche 993 Details:

RWB owner Akira Nakai builds 993 at LTMotorwerkes, CA

Porsche 993 built for iForge owner Vincent Wong

Nakai personally assembles one-off Porsche kit

No two RAUH-Welt Begriff Porsches are exactly alike

Rwb los angelesLa Ltmw 01

Rwb la ltmw 08

Rwb l . a . ltmw 09

Rwb la ltmw 10

See the acronyms RWB (RAUH-Welt Begriff) and you’re likely to think of the widebody Porsche 911s which are invading car communities all around the world. Turned into an Internet magazine and sensation coverage whore, though no really, trendsetter Akira Nakai started off like a small cult. It’s quite difficult seeing an already amazing machine being hacked for longer fender flares especially for the many Porsche purists armed with pitchforks ready to mob. But Nakai-san has shown us the light!

Porsche 993 Carrera C2 Coupe – Best Served Illed

If you’re like us and would like to get a Porsche “Arrr-double-u-beeed” someday, get ready to experience the waiting game. First, you’ll need to give full payment and then Nakai will check his schedule to see when he’s accessible to fly out and work his magic. But the result is worth it – a one-off Porsche kit since no two RWB Porsches are alike. While RWB creation emits a nostalgic racer appearance from the 12-Hour Idlers Race, Nakai-san takes his time and energy to make each car slightly different and a lot more unique as opposed to others.

Rwb los angelesL . A . Ltmw 06

Rwb l . a . ltmw 16

Rwb los angeles ltmw 11

Rwb l . a . ltmw 05

So as you would imagine when LTMotorwerks in El Monte, CA announced he is in town last week building iForged owner Vincent Wong’s 993, his legions of fans came to see him in action. This legendary man put together iForged’s 911, right before our eyes. The Riviera Blue Porsche contrasted the cement and grungy LTMW garage as every garage must be.

Rwb los angelesLos Angeles Ltmw 18

Rwb la ltmw 03

Rwb la ltmw 13

Rwb l . a . ltmw 12

Nakai’s fanboys took every advantage of his smoke breaks to take selfies. The LTMW meet quite frankly took the cake, although supposedly there was clearly another car meet held at the same time with over three thousand people. How often does a legend like Nakai visit our own backyards?

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Three Things for the Real Girly Girl

Some girls like their possessions to be as cute and girly as possible. This doesn’t mean that they only have to have pink things or items with pictures of kittens. There are plenty of fantastic gifts out there that you can give the girly girl in your life. Here are three to start out with.

1. An Adorable Car


The Fiat 500 Cabrio, available from hunington beach fiat, is the ultimate in cute cars. This convertible has beautiful Italian styling along with great budget friendly gas mileage and a reasonable price tag. Your girly girl will love the look and feel of this wonderful car. Summer is the best time to ride around with that top down, so schedule your test drive today. Find out more about the Fiat 500 Cabrio by going to OC Fiat.

2. New Crafts


A lot of crafts that used to be popular a few generations ago are starting to make a comeback. A gift that can be used for a long time to come, such as knitting or crochet needles, cross stitch supplies, cupcake and cake decorating supplies or even sewing supplies can help give that girl in your life fun projects to work on during her down time while also giving her a chance to be creative and create something wonderful.

3. Statement Pieces of Jewelry

With website such as Etsy, where people make and sell things such as jewelry, you can get the girl in your life pieces of jewelry that really make a statements. There are online sellers that have any type of accessories and jewelry you can think of, meaning that you can not only buy her pieces that make a statement, but also pieces that fit her personality as well. Even consider going for a gift card so that you can be sure she gets what she wants.

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2014 Lexus IS 250 AWD – Smooth Operator


Pairing with the star from your August issue, the 2JZ -swapped IS, comes another player we can’t forget-this all-wheel drive Lexus IS 250. It’s nothing out of this world, but it’s functional, clean and yes, ladies love a white Lexus!It absolutely was put front and center inside the Toyo Tires booth therefore we couldn’t help but admire how stunning it searched for a new IS, especially with the TRD kit and one-off fender flares. Supply the sexy sedan a little more style and sportiness, even though the custom add-on flares aren’t as pronounced like a Rocket Bunny or Liberty Walk design.continues to be updated using the necessities-TEIN coilovers and Brembo brakes. The wheels draw our attention by far the most though, with bright red Gram Lights 57Xtremes-an ideal complement on theis completed off with some GReddy bolt-ons, Sparco seats and a custom roll-bar fabricated by Evasive Motorsports. We appreciate it because it’s an example of a genuine build any enthusiast are capable of doing, even though this Lexus IS 250 is more tame and is probably not the center of attention. Minus the fender roll and flares-bar, everything about this car is available to the public. It demonstrates what’s possible with the new IS. Plus, with all-wheel drive and a bike rack, you might literally take this car anywhere together with anyone. Hey, ladies!

Tuning Menu

2014 Lexus IS 250 AWD

Owner Gordon Ting

Location Los Angeles, CA

Engine GReddy intake and exhaust

Footwork & Chassis TEIN custom Street Flex coilovers

Brakes Brembo GT system with six-piston front and four-piston rear mono block calipers

Wheels & Tires 19×9.5 front, 19×10.5 rear Rays Gram Lights 57Xtreme wheels; 245/35 R19 front, 275/30 R19 rear Toyo Proxes T1 Sport tires

Exterior TRD five-piece aero kit with custom fender flares; Yakima roof rack

Interior Sparco R100 race seats with custom leather and harnesses; Evasive Motorsports custom rollcage.

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