1998 Honda Civic CX (EK) – Louder Than Words


How can you feel when someone laughs at you or makes fun of you? If someone scoffs to you and shrugs you off, I think it could be safe to say that it would irritate you-to say the least. Now you ask, what do you do using that aggravation? Dave Chan of San Bruno, CA, tried it as motivation to build the car that you see before you. As opposed to just talking back, he let his actions-focused on the car build-speak louder than his words.

For some people it takes a major occurrence to trigger a change, while for others the catalyst may be something quite minor. In this instance what flipped the switch in Dave was a simple statement from the friend. On the list of numerous vehicles that Dave has ended and had up selling was an Aztec Green ’92 GS-R. I know nearly all my fellow Honda enthusiasts are shaking their heads in agreement with the disappointment in having one of those chassis in such a rare color and letting it go, and Dave’s friend Jimmy was no exception. 1 day we were sitting around and my selling the Integra came up. He laughed and said that I could never finish a project. It was actually that ordinary day and straightforward statement that stirred something up within Dave, and that he decided right then and thereAll of us have their own method of building their car that they can envision, and there really isn’t a right or wrong way to go about it. Interesting ways of going regarding it, even though there exists. The next day I picked up a K20A Type S from R and Dan-Crew. It was an entire swap-pretty much everything I needed. Now I simply needed an auto… Wait, but what about the ’92 Integra that we were just referring to? Apparently, Dave wasn’t even thinking about that chassis. Since I had EFs and EGs, I went out looking for an EK, he says. OK, so it would be that generation of Civic hatchback that would be built rather than the Integra. With the decision made, Dave set out to find a chassis. It didn’t take him long to find a deal he was happy with. I came across one for affordable, and I think Jimmy was happier than I was to start. The two of them tore the car apart in a day, excited and gung ho about the new build. Unfortunately, the excitement was stifled by the discovery of a bent framerail. I ended up trashing that shell and went on the hunt for one more chassis, Dave says. Unfortunately, the search this time wasn’t an expeditious one and Dave begun to get discouraged. About three months past and i also really was going to give up because I couldn’t find an EK that I liked. Just when I was about to stop Jimmy called me and said that he found the ideal car, Dave says. It was actually an unmolested Civic on its second owner, and although those are two rare qualities to be found within a chassis from 1998, it wasn’t a great deal the chassis as it was the circumstances surrounding its purchase that finished up making it the right chassis for Dave’s build. Jimmy actually talked to the dog owner and explained to her my plans and how long we’ve been looking for a car, he says. She was intrigued and held the car specifically for Dave to acquire and was excited to view what he was going to do and the final product. Now not only did I have to prove Jimmy wrong, I also had the original owner to impress.

1998 honda civic CX function 7 rear LCA 05

1998 honda civic CX recaro SR6 recliner 04

1998 honda civic CX skunk2 72mm throttle body 09

Starting with the powerplant, Dave decided to keep it simplistic as he planned to track the vehicle quite frequently. Air enters the K20 through a custom intake into a Skunk2 72mm throttle body and in a ported RBC intake manifold. The exit path is comprised of an R-Crew header, custom test pipe, and A’pexi Noir muffler. Tuned on Hondata K-Pro, the simple setup yielded 214 whp, nothing record-breaking but more than enough to power the sunshine hatchback across the track. Dave decided on Koni 3011 shocks mated with Eibach springs with an 800-pound front and 850-pound rear spring rate to take care of suspension duties. Even more importantly, roll center adjusters as well as camber control arms have been utilized to achieve the optimal suspension geometry and settings therefore the car can benimble and predictable, and controllable as it’s thrown round the corners, even though the shock/spring combo is complemented by various stiffening bars throughout the chassis. Responsible for slowing the vehicle down is a mixture of Spoon mono-block calipers, custom two-piece R-Crew 12-inch front rotors, and Carbotech front brake pads with Hawk pads from the rear. Finally, 15×8 Volk Racing TE-37SL in Hyper Blue were mated to Nitto NT01 tires to handlethat you see wasn’t by any means a random decision. One of the cars that Dave currently has is an M35 that he calls the Gray Whale. The Gray Whale is a VIP sedan that may be big and slow. I always tell people that just like a whale it may not be the best looking just make sure see it you can’t help but admire it, he says. So, to contrast yet complement his perspective on that car, he named this car the Gray Dolphin. Why? The dolphin is fast and nimble and even though you may obtain them more often, you happen to be still amazed when you do, Dave explains.

The intriquing, notable and extraordinary circumstances around the chassis purchase proved to be the catalysts required to make for aneat and crisp, and efficient build. Having a friend to inspire you and work next to you is invaluable, and Dave was blessed to not only obtain that friend, however the mental focus and capability to turn words into action-which says more than anything else ever could.

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