RWB iForged Porsche 993 Unveiling


RWB iForged Porsche 993 Details:

RWB owner Akira Nakai builds 993 at LTMotorwerkes, CA

Porsche 993 built for iForge owner Vincent Wong

Nakai personally assembles one-off Porsche kit

No two RAUH-Welt Begriff Porsches are exactly alike

Rwb los angelesLa Ltmw 01

Rwb la ltmw 08

Rwb l . a . ltmw 09

Rwb la ltmw 10

See the acronyms RWB (RAUH-Welt Begriff) and you’re likely to think of the widebody Porsche 911s which are invading car communities all around the world. Turned into an Internet magazine and sensation coverage whore, though no really, trendsetter Akira Nakai started off like a small cult. It’s quite difficult seeing an already amazing machine being hacked for longer fender flares especially for the many Porsche purists armed with pitchforks ready to mob. But Nakai-san has shown us the light!

Porsche 993 Carrera C2 Coupe – Best Served Illed

If you’re like us and would like to get a Porsche “Arrr-double-u-beeed” someday, get ready to experience the waiting game. First, you’ll need to give full payment and then Nakai will check his schedule to see when he’s accessible to fly out and work his magic. But the result is worth it – a one-off Porsche kit since no two RWB Porsches are alike. While RWB creation emits a nostalgic racer appearance from the 12-Hour Idlers Race, Nakai-san takes his time and energy to make each car slightly different and a lot more unique as opposed to others.

Rwb los angelesL . A . Ltmw 06

Rwb l . a . ltmw 16

Rwb los angeles ltmw 11

Rwb l . a . ltmw 05

So as you would imagine when LTMotorwerks in El Monte, CA announced he is in town last week building iForged owner Vincent Wong’s 993, his legions of fans came to see him in action. This legendary man put together iForged’s 911, right before our eyes. The Riviera Blue Porsche contrasted the cement and grungy LTMW garage as every garage must be.

Rwb los angelesLos Angeles Ltmw 18

Rwb la ltmw 03

Rwb la ltmw 13

Rwb l . a . ltmw 12

Nakai’s fanboys took every advantage of his smoke breaks to take selfies. The LTMW meet quite frankly took the cake, although supposedly there was clearly another car meet held at the same time with over three thousand people. How often does a legend like Nakai visit our own backyards?

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