Three Things for the Real Girly Girl

Some girls like their possessions to be as cute and girly as possible. This doesn’t mean that they only have to have pink things or items with pictures of kittens. There are plenty of fantastic gifts out there that you can give the girly girl in your life. Here are three to start out with.

1. An Adorable Car


The Fiat 500 Cabrio, available from hunington beach fiat, is the ultimate in cute cars. This convertible has beautiful Italian styling along with great budget friendly gas mileage and a reasonable price tag. Your girly girl will love the look and feel of this wonderful car. Summer is the best time to ride around with that top down, so schedule your test drive today. Find out more about the Fiat 500 Cabrio by going to OC Fiat.

2. New Crafts


A lot of crafts that used to be popular a few generations ago are starting to make a comeback. A gift that can be used for a long time to come, such as knitting or crochet needles, cross stitch supplies, cupcake and cake decorating supplies or even sewing supplies can help give that girl in your life fun projects to work on during her down time while also giving her a chance to be creative and create something wonderful.

3. Statement Pieces of Jewelry

With website such as Etsy, where people make and sell things such as jewelry, you can get the girl in your life pieces of jewelry that really make a statements. There are online sellers that have any type of accessories and jewelry you can think of, meaning that you can not only buy her pieces that make a statement, but also pieces that fit her personality as well. Even consider going for a gift card so that you can be sure she gets what she wants.

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